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Our brands need no introduction. Every day we deliver a portfolio of strong and refreshing brands to the whole of UK which we are very proud and passionate about. Obviously, beer is the core of everything we do, nurturing some of the world’s best-known beers such as Carlsberg and Tuborg. However, when we see opportunities outside of beer we dare to extend beyond our core range, as we did when introducing Somersby Cider in 2013. Many of our brands have long and proud histories, some are just starting on their exciting journey whilst some have not even been born yet…

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This tried and respected German beer from Hamburg was first imported into the UK in 1952. Holsten can be enjoyed through Holsten Vier, a blonde pilsner-style lager with a wonderful malty aroma and fruity flavours or through Holsten Pils, a pale blonde German pilsner with a sweet earthy lemony aroma and hoppy malty flavour.


This authentic Italian world lager has been brewed in Varese just outside Milan since 1877. Poretti is a pale blonde pilsner-style lager with an aroma of lemons and limes, well balanced malty hoppy flavours with a subtle hoppy lingering finish.


This Danish pilsner-style lager is the official beer for major UK festivals including Glastonbury, London Calling, Yahoo Wireless and Download amongst many others. Tuborg has a hoppy and flowery aroma, with hints of lemon and grass, a well-balanced hoppy zesty fruity flavour and a soft lingering finish.


Carlsberg is light, easy drinking and refreshing. Carlsberg has been involved with football for years and are proud to be the Official Beer of UEFA EURO 2016, The England Football Team, Barclay’s Premier League, and football clubs such as Liverpool and Arsenal.


Carlsberg Citrus is the latest innovation from Carlsberg, designed and developed by the UK team and first launched in March 2013. Based on the Carlsberg all malt recipe and yeast strain, Carlsberg Citrus is a crisp, easy drinking lager brewed with a high grade barley, using a finely balanced blend of natural Persian and Key limes, for a refreshing smooth taste.


This ale brand has been around since 1822 and has much heritage and brewing tradition. Tetley’s not only offers great beers such as the light and easy drinking Tetley’s Smoothflow, the amber Tetley’s Cask Ale and the gleaming Tetley’s Golden Ale it is also the official beer of the Rugby Super League and a proud partner of Help for Heroes.

Carlsberg Export

This premium strength lager has a refined and satisfying taste. Brewed to the original Danish recipe it has deep malty notes and a distinct bitterness that generate a full flavoured lager. Carlsberg Export was the first leading premium lager to be available in Extra Cold.

San Miguel

This Spanish pilsner-style lager brings life the spirit of Spain in everything it does. San Miguel is golden in colour, sparkles with a generous white creamy head and is well suited to tapas style food, cured meats, hams and cheeses. Inspired by Spanish way of life, San Miguel believes in quality not quantity. After all, some things should be savoured.

San Miguel Fresca

This is the beer ideal for those long summer days and even longer summer nights, it has a crisp and refreshing taste and is best served chilled with a wedge of lime or lemon. San Miguel Fresca is a pale blonde Spanish lager with a malty aroma and soft fruit flavours that provide a cleansing and refreshing hoppy finish.


Mahou is the biggest beer brand in Spain* and the biggest Spanish beer in Europe*. This deep blonde Spanish pilsner-style lager has a well-defined aroma, full bodied flavour and a soft lingering finish. Not to forget, Mahou is also the official sponsor of Real Madrid.*Canadean Jan 2013


This crisply delicious cold-filtered cider with bucket-loads of great apple taste became a world-wide celebrity when it launched in 2013 with the ad “The Somersby Store”. The ad reached over 1 million views on YouTube in just one week and got the highest ever brand appeal and consideration for a cider ad*.*HPI June 2013

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